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Ding-ding! Our (virtual) shop doors open soon and we thought we'd give you a sneaky peek. 

There will be:
  • screenprints
  • signed picture books
  • sketchbookzines (that's a word now)
  • bookshelf owls 
  • night iceberg posters
  • and various other random but amazing things.
As a wee thank you for joining our mailing list, I (Helen) thought I would make a free reading list for all would-be picture book Illustrators. I'll send you that very soon. And for non would-be illustrators there will be other freebies, so stay tuned.
In other news, Gerry has two new Lois and Bob books out today! Read more about them here.
Do you like our shop header? Those little blue waves are the doodles that Gerry makes while he's contemplating the bigger issues in life (or procrastinating). As we live and work on the windy Northumberland coast they seemed fitting. What do you think? We'd love to hear from you.
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Speak soon, Helenx

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